Board of Directors


The prominent members of ZPPC Group’s board of directors are highly esteemed in their respective industries, who have led the way in shaping and redefining the dynamics of doing business in Asia and Africa.

Their collective experience, vision and knowledge steer the company towards success. They are committed to maximizing shareholder value and delivering long term results to its customers. The boards continue to achieve and set long standing goals for ZPPC.

Executive Committee

The Executive committee, chaired by the Chairman and comprising of the CEO, Executive Directors and key officers, develop strategies and polices for the board’s recommendation.

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee, which comprises of Independent Non-Executive board members and the Head of Human Resources, considers matters relating to policies for Executive Directors and Senior Managers, including annual remuneration rewards.

The committee also reviews strategic HR issues relating to employee retention, commitment and motivation, and also make and approve changes to benefits and incentive plans for senior managers including successor planning for its managers.


ZPPC’s ambitious global growth is led by a team of passionate individuals who challenge conventions and achieve results.

ZPPC has embraced the leadership position it holds, and reputation for which it is held in high regards.

ZPPC’s Group determination to lead, extends from every aspect of its diversified business portfolio, and comes down to the company’s refusal to compromise on quality, value and service.